Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple.  Your information is your information.  We do not use it for anything besides enabling us to track views, or keep the social playlist creator moderated and useful.  

If you use the Social Playlist Creator, we only ask you to authenticate using a service you already use and trust in order to limit the amount of votes per song an individual can give per day.  We also use it as a way to give certain individuals moderateor rights to the playlist.  The only information stored is your Account Name and possibly the email address for the account you used to sign in.  We will never sell this information, or distribute it to any third-parties.   

We also use Google Analytics to track website traffic, and CloudFlare to protect our website from threats. This tracks your IP address, and what web browsers are used, and what pages were viewed.  We do not connect your IP address to your account if you log-in using a third-party service, so what you do on our website is completely anonymous.


This policy is subject to change as needed to reflect new applications and services.